How to Apply

JCF is not currently accepting applications.

A Guide to Achieving a Scholarship

Your child comes to us with unique experiences, interests, and learning styles. They also come with unique talents and goals. We know that junior athletes sometimes need help to achieve these goals and realize their potential. Our goal is to use this knowledge to guide, support, and motivate him or her. Here are a few tips to submitting a successful scholarship application to the Junior Champions Foundation.


Continuous communication is vital to the application process. Keeping an open line of reliable communication will help the Junior Champions Foundation be able to contact you if any questions arise or if we require more information to complete your child’s application. Additionally, we welcome emails should you have any concerns or questions. The Junior Champions Foundation is committed to doing everything we can to help your junior athlete succeed.

What You Will Need to Apply

Before you sit down to complete your application, it is helpful to gather all of the required information in advance. Here is what you will need:

  1. Completed Online Application
  2. Necessary Financial Information
    1. Completed Financial Status Chart AND
      Letter of Financial Recommendation (from your banker or financial planner on the appropriate letterhead)
    2. Yearly Bank Statement (including information on all relevant accounts) AND
      Federal Tax Return (from the most recent previous year)
  3. Tournament Results Form
  4. Writing Sample (more information below)
  5. Parent’s Statement (more information below)
  6. 2 Letters of Recommendation (more information below)
  7. School Transcripts
  8. Sports Résumé (more information below)


Writing Sample

The Junior Champions Foundation values academic achievement as well as athletic involvement. You are asked to include a writing sample in your application in order to evaluate your ability to communicate clearly, concisely, and correctly. The writing sample should be between 1200 and 2000 words and answer the following question:

“What has your sport taught you that you can use in your life?”

Please write with honesty and truthfulness when answering this question. The Junior Champions Foundation will take into account what you answer and will use this as a determining factor.

Parents Statement

The Junior Champions Foundation also requires parent involvement during this process. Parents, please tell us why your junior athlete should be chosen to receive a scholarship. Please also provide information on your families financial need, including the amount of scholarship desired as well as the amount of academy tuition that your family can afford to pay toward your child’s program. This information will be kept confidential.

Letters of Recommendation

Letters of recommendation are an important part of any application. They help us get to know an athlete from new perspectives. We ask that you submit two letters of recommendation with your application. Please do not ask a family member to provide either of these letters. We recommend asking a current or past coach in the sport you currently play, a current or past school instructor, or some other individual who knows you well enough to speak to your athletic, academic, and/or personal achievements.


When applying for a scholarship through Junior Champions Foundation, please include your current high school transcripts. For incoming Freshman, your middle-school transcript will be required. We need evidence that you are not only an excellent junior athlete but also a great student in the classroom. Your transcripts also help us assess your future academic goals. Transcripts may be sent directly from your school to JCF.

Sports Résumé

The sports résumé is one of the major criteria that the Junior Champions Foundation uses in determining if a student qualifies for financial help. All applicants are talented junior athletes who have been recommended by their sports academy. We want the sports resume to set applicants apart. Please make sure to include the following on your sports résumé:

  • Tournament results
  • Any official rankings from tournaments
  • Current coach contact information
  • Future goals
  • Current student/family contact information


Amount of Help Provided

The Junior Champions Foundation aspires to help junior athletes as much as possible; however, the foundation can only help so many students. We are unable to fund scholarships for every applicant. Scholarships that are awarded may only cover part of an academy’s tuition; please keep this in mind when applying.

Things You Can Do at Home to Help Achieve a Scholarship

  • Do well in the classes in which you are enrolled
  • Play high ranking junior tournaments
  • Keep track of achievements in tournaments as well as regular practice
  • Keep in constant contact with the scholarship team
  • Continue to show improvement in the classroom
  • Continue to show improvement on the course, court, or field



The Junior Champions Foundation will notify you via mail on the status of your application. It usually takes us a few weeks to evaluate applications. Successful candidates can expect to hear back from the committee prior to the beginning of the semester.

Application Deadlines

To fully evaluate your application we must have all application materials in a timely manner. Our committee needs time to review and evaluate each application. Please ensure that you have all application materials (including financial imformation & letters of recommendation) to us by the deadlines listed below.

  • We are not currently accepting applications. Please check back with us for future deadlines.